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Grassy Mountain Beef
Real cowboys, real horses, and yes, real free range, grass fed beef. 


Our cows can be found roaming across hundreds of acres of land in the ÔÇťArizona Strip'', a large, rugged, virtually untouched area of range found in the northwest corner of Arizona, bordering Utah and Nevada. Our corrals at Grassy Mountain are just over 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, and from some areas you can see the glow of the Las Vegas lights at night. Our cows diet consists of a wide variety of grasses and forage native to the area.


Our cattle are mostly Black Angus, but also include Red Angus, Charley, and Beefmaster.  We are also in the process of introducing Wagyu cattle. Our cows are born and naturally raised across thousands of acres of free range. They are not treated with any type of hormones or antibiotics.

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